RWi takes great pride in every wall we build.

RWi build retaining walls!

RWi build retaining walls!

RWi takes great pride in every wall we construct. Our walls are built tough to stand the test of time using the highest quality materials available.

View our latest projects below.

View our latest projects below.

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Why Choose RWi as your Retaining Wall builder?

RWi have been building retaining walls for over 35 years. Our experience and expertise has made us the industry leader.

RWi’s team of industry professionals and expert equipment are more than capable of delivering high quality wall works of any size and complexity.

RWi use only the most superior quality materials available on market. RWi’s work is backed by a 15 year structural warranty giving you extra piece of mind.

RWi will not be beaten on price. That’s the RWi price guarantee. RWi’s skilled estimators price all of our projects competitively with the intention to win!

We Won’t Be Beaten on Price!
RWi Best Price Guarantee.

If you happen to have a better price from a licenced competitor – we will beat it.

Terms and Conditions Apply.

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